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We help individuals and business owners across the nation get their credit back on track with our Simple and Proven System. Don’t let your credit history hold you back from realizing your dreams. We will improve your credit score for a better tomorrow.

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I need CREDIT REPAIR as a . . .

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Business Owner

Is your credit limiting your business growth?

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Home Buyer or Owner

Can’t get a mortgage or refinance approval?

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Personal Credit Repair

Bad credit standing in your way and holding you down?

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Finance Professional

Clients’ bad credit preventing closings and transactions?

What We Offer

At Ipsan West, we believe your imperfect credit history should not hold you back from a prosperous financial future.

By conducting discrete and intensive credit file forensics, we empower our clients to attain stronger credit so you and your business can succeed and thrive.

With decades of experience in the finance, debt, and credit repair fields, our knowledgeable and experienced staff strive to turn each new client into our growing collection of success stories worldwide.

Credit Report Analysis

Experienced credit experts analyze credit scenarios to determine the best course of action for you.

Credit & Debt Evaluation

Receive personalized expert advice based on your specific credit scenarios, history, and goals.

Debt Arbitration

Our experts will determine the validity of the debt pursuant to credit laws. 

Credit Consultation

By working your file with you, our process helps you get funded for the best interest rates.

How We Help

Through Our C&D Process, We Help You Secure A Large Loan or Credit Line For Your Home Or Business

Through our Credit & Debt Process we worked with a client who had an extensive business in Florida. He put all of his money into his business, and unfortunately, his personal credit and debt suffered. When he came to us, he faced significant challenges in securing a loan. After he worked with us, he secured through his broker two $2.5 million Small Business Administration loans.

Several months later, he could purchase a $1.3 million home. His business expanded and created multiple jobs, earning the recognition of the state governor.

We Help Your Business Grow

We help people achieve their life dreams and empower business owners and families to achieve their goals. We recently had a client say to us, “Because of you, we were able to open up our florist shop and get credit terms for the things we need.”


Through Our C&D Process, We Help Military & Financial  Professionals Advance Their Careers 

Depending on your field of work, a credit check is often pulled for career advancement or review

Some of these positions may include:

  • Employment
  • Housing Rental or Purchase
  • Education Loans
  • Licensing for most Financial Careers
  • Insurance
  • Military
  • Firearm Rights
  • Federal Assistance
  • Adoption
  • Store Keyholder

Those require evaluations, and sometimes people run into difficulty. We help professionals clean their credit history and restore their creditworthiness so they can secure their new position, promotion, or increase in their socioeconomic status.

Imagine the Benefits of Your Credit Enhancement . . .

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Buy a Home or Refinance

You may be closer to a new home or refinance than you think. We can help!

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Increase Line of Credit

Imagine the possibilities with an increased credit line for your business.

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Stress Relief

When you’re credit is in great shape, the stress melts away, and life looks good again.

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Advance Your Career

Want to move up the ladder? Let us fix your credit so that you can soar!

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Reach Financial Goals

Stop letting other companies hold you down. With good credit, the sky is the limit.

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Peace of Mind

You deserve the freedom of what a good credit report provides you.

What People Are Saying

“I really can’t thank Bill enough. He is the reason why I was able to purchase my first home!!! He helped us every step of the way on optimizing our credit situation and gave us a great education on certain tips and tricks. I strongly encourage everyone to connect with Bill and his team to help you out on your credit score!!! He is fair and offers great payment plans too! Thank you again for the help sir. You are a life saver!!!”

—David Perez

“I am a Realtor in Las Vegas that has used Ipsan West personally. I have also referred countless others to Ipsan West so I think I can comment on the results as well as anyone. I’ve been in this industry for 26 plus years now and I’ve used multiple outlets that claim the same sort of results yet they fall very short of Ipsan West.

I think it is most important to have realistic expectations. What Ipsan West does is not easy! You will get your results in a timely manner but that is not overnight. I’ve seen many peoples lives changed because they have trusted the process. It does take a leap of faith and that’s why individuals like myself are willing to risk our reputations referring and validating this company. I would be more than willing to share details if anyone would like to reach out to me.”

—Mark Dreibelbis

“Bill was very responsive and helpful in getting credit scores increased to 750. He is very knowledgeable and made himself available to answer any questions at anytime, will definitely use Bill again for any credit needs!”

—Christopher Toro

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Who We Help 

We have a broad spectrum of clients, typically individuals such as professionals and business owners that are seeking to expand their business, buy new homes, or people in the financial sector or in professional fields that might need an evaluation. We have also helped individuals secure large student loans for prestigious colleges. 

Our Ideal Clients:

  Are considering purchasing a home, refinancing, or making another large purchase. Through our C&D process, we can maximize your credit position in assisting you with attaining the loans you desire. You could benefit from professional help in restoring your credit history or creditworthiness.

✓ Have a clear purpose of what you want to achieve in regards to your financial goals.

✓  Have been in or are currently in another credit repair program that is not working for you.

✓  Need a second opinion on a credit or debt repair program that you are considering starting.

✓  Are a professional or business owner seeking access to the best interest rates possible to expand your business with acquisitions such as additional equipment, inventory, or the purchase of manufacturing warehouse space.

  Are in the financial sector or in professional fields that may require a yearly credit evaluation.

✓  Need to secure a substantial student loan for college or university at the best interest rate possible.

  If you are credit challenged and are sick and tired of not meeting your financial and life goals because your credit is holding you back.

If you think you may be a good fit, have clear financial goals, and are ready to achieve those goals, call (619) 794-0278 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today.

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