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Here are some links to review and consider regarding your personal or business Credit and Debt Profile, and how COVID-19 pertains to you.

We are in a middle of a financial crisis. Read what considerations you must pay attention to and how to protect your credit.

Divorces creates emotional and financial stress. What happens to your credit when this happens? We can help!

At IpsanWest, we take the success of each client file seriously. So when Kudzu honored us with their “Best Of” badge for a fifth year, we thought it was worth celebrating. Want to hear what our clients are saying for yourself? Take a look at our recent client testimonials here.

It would be nice to have a hefty sum stashed away somewhere for a rainy day. Who we work for are working folks, professionals and business owners that create jobs and opportunities for others. As your circle of influence grows, income opportunities increase and assets are created and managed. These assets many times create wealth […]

Divorce and Debt has long been the subject of tabloid news. The reality of regular folks can be just as devastating. Here are some tips that may help on the financial front if faced with this life circumstance: * Evaluate the total debt and assets owed * Value of increasing Debts due to interest or […]

Most folks do not realize that we are being Credit Watched in most aspects of our lives. With the release of the new Trump legislation that curbs “Net Neutrality”, companies are going to find it a lot easier to mine your browsing habits and other information for data they can use to market ads at […]

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those affected in the North Eastern States with the recent storms, especially New York, New Jersey where power outages and transportation delays affected a good portion of the nation and many of our clients. As a reminder you may want to call in your payment if possible as […]

Summer season typically increases credit & debit transactions. Therefore Visa, Mastercard and other payment platforms and gateways continue to have good growth. There are few “Emerging International Markets” left where Credit and Credit Reporting is not used even at a Micro Level. We have our own plastic addiction where Cash as a percentage of Plastic […]

When working to improve the standing of your or your clients public records, it is important to understand the process and procedures surrounding Wage Garnishment or a potential Bank Levy. Wage Garnishment is the process of deducting money from an employee’s monetary compensation most of the time, as a result of a court order.  A […]

Recently tight credit underwriting conditions may require prior credit review and correction to get the best possible advantage of Loan Approval. These are some hints that may make the difference in your loans being approved or denied: Business Structures Partnerships and Personal Guarantors for the Corporations can challenge the possibility of obtaining additional business funding […]

You may already be aware that recently in the news Adult Industry actors have had their bank accounts closed by a major bank with no apparent reason. Though they did not confiscate the funds, it seems this particular industry was being targeted. Typically access to closing your bank accounts are limited to certain entities and […]