Creating Wealth With Credit

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It would be nice to have a hefty sum stashed away somewhere for a rainy day. Who we work for are working folks, professionals and business owners that create jobs and opportunities for others. As your circle of influence grows, income opportunities increase and assets are created and managed.

These assets many times create wealth and sometimes become “unhinged” by job loss, divorce, life event(s) or catastrophic illness. 

As indicated as one of the names from the Panama Papers, a Sheik was found to have acquired 34 Million Dollars in properties in the UK through BANK LOANS. You would think that his check would be good enough, but he leveraged his funds and his investment opportunities to create wealth. This too holds true for us when we do it wisely and responsibly. By leveraging our credit capacity.

Debt on the other hand challenges most relationships and businesses fail when the debt is not managed properly. If this were to occur to you or your business, we at Ipsan West Restructure Debt, Restore Credit Capacities, Credit Worthiness and your Purchasing Power for your next Home Purchase, Refinance or Business Project. 

On another note, “Inversion Companies” also brought up in conversation along with the Panama Papers are companies who move out to pay less tax. Experian as you know is one of the big three Credit Reporting Agencies is an Irish Based Company. Though there are many opinions, here is a brief article on how “Tax Inversion” works: What Inversion Looks Like 

If you have any questions regarding Debt Elimination Programs or Credit & Debt Restructuring or Management, give us a call or email.

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Successful Files: 

Approval of two $ 2.5 Million SBA LOANS
G.A. Client, Business Owner, Business Expansion, Miami, Florida 

“This has been an incredible effort on your part. If anyone wants a verbal recommendation, it’s a glowing report for sure.” M.W. Client, Business Owner, Mississippi 

“My wife and I got approved each for $ 5,000. in a few moments. Thank your team for great work.” Rick Q. Client, Business Owner, Northern California 

“The Mortgage Banker received a report and I got pre-approved for a loan!!!! WO00000!!!!!” Jessica P. Rock Star (seriously)

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