About Ipsan West

Improving our clients debt and credit worthiness is what we do best.

At Ipsan West, we believe your imperfect credit history should not hold you back from a prosperous financial future.

By conducting discrete and intensive credit file forensics, we empower our clients to attain stronger credit so that you and your business can succeed and thrive.

With decades of experience in the finance, debt, and credit fields our knowledgeable and experienced staff strive to turn each new client into our growing collection of success stories worldwide.

Ipsan West has helped thousands of people just like you reach their financial goals across the U.S. and abroad.

About The Founder, Bill Ipsan

As a young man of 19, William "Bill" Ipsan received the designated License with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Chicago, Illinois. Under the direction of Jerry Gold with Neuberger Securities sold commodities futures contracts on Wall Street, New York.

After traveling and exploring the West Indies and Puerto Rico, he moved to California and worked on challenging credit-related issues for himself when he purchased his first home at the age of 23 in Los Angeles, California. He continued buying California Real Estate through his good credit practices increased his net worth in Real Estate value to millions of dollars.

Mr. Ipsan has over 40 years of experience in the debt and credit industry and has helped businesses across the United States. He has a deep understanding of the importance of credit qualifying algorithms to get pre-approved funding for qualifying business loans, home mortgage and personal loans.

He is an in-demand guest speaker on radio programs, speaker at credit and debt seminars and consults with clients pre-qualifying them in obtaining all types of potential loans. Bill also gives popular workshops on the current mortgage industry and advises on identity theft prevention to financial companies as well as the general public.

His client base includes banks, attorneys, finance companies and a mix of celebrities, physicians, contractors, homeowners, business start ups, and clients just like you.

Bill maintains a network of strategic associations that empower businesses and consumers to better maximize their credit worthiness, and develop winning credit enhancement and debt reduction strategies

His hobbies include photography and fine art. For this, he has been awarded internationally, mentioned in international magazines, and has had several art shows both solo and group.