Forensic Credit Analysis

Experienced credit experts analyzing credit scenarios to determine the best course of action.

Expert Credit Consultation

Personalized expert advice based on your specific credit scenarios, history and goals.

Debt Arbitration

Our experts will write and call each creditor multiple times to achieve optimal desired outcomes.

Credit Restoration

By working each file consistently over time, our team of experts gets you funded and the best credit rates.

What We Do

We Can Help You Secure A Large Loan or Credit Line For A Home Or Business

We worked with a client who had a large business in Florida. He put all of his money into his business, and unfortunately his personal credit and debt suffered. When he came to us, he faced significant challenges to securing a loan. After he worked with us, he was able to secure two $2.5 million Small Business Administration loans, and about three months later he was able to purchase a $1.3 million home. His business expanded and created multiple jobs earning the recognition of the state governor at the time.

We Can Help Your Businesses Grow

We help people achieve their life dreams and empower business owners and families achieve their goals. We recently had a client say to us, “Because of you, we were able to open up our florist shop and get credit terms for the things we need."

Helping Military & Financial Professionals Advance Their Careers

Some of our clients have been in the military and needed to repair their credit in order to pass Defense Department background checks. Other clients have worked in casinos who also go through credit checks before they can be considered for certain key positions. Those require evaluations, and sometimes people run into difficulty. We help professionals clean their credit history and restore their credit worthiness so they can secure their new position, promotion, or increase in their socioeconomic status.

A Broad Spectrum of Clients

We've helped a wide range of clients, for example a grandmother who had debt and credit issues. Her home was facing foreclosure. Her adult daughter had passed away of a drug overdose, and left her with five grandchildren. With our help, she was able to stay in her home.

Is Ipsan West right for me?

We have a broad spectrum of clients, typically individuals such as professionals and business owners that are seeking to expand their business, buy new homes, or people in the financial sector or in professional fields that might need an evaluation. We have also helped individuals secure large student loans for prestigious colleges.

You May Be An Ideal Client If:

  • You are considering purchasing a home, refinancing, or making another large purchase. We can maximize the credit process in assisting you with attaining the loans you desire.
  • You could benefit from professional help in restoring your credit history or credit worthiness.
  • You have a clear purpose of what you want to achieve in regards to your financial goals.
  • You have been in, or are currently in, another credit repair program that is not working for you.
  • You need a second opinion on a credit or debt repair program that you are considering starting.
  • You are a professional or business owner seeking access to the best interest rates possible to expand your business with acquisitions such as additional equipment, inventory, the purchase of manufacturing warehouse space.
  • You are in the financial sector or in professional fields that may require a yearly credit evaluation.
  • You'd like to secure a substantial student loan for college or university at the best interest rate possible.
  • If you are credit challenged and are sick and tired of not meeting your financial and life goals because your credit is holding you back.
If you think you may be a good fit, have clear financial goals, and are ready to achieve those goals, contact us today and start your free consultation.