Success Stories

With decades of experience in the finance, debt, and credit fields our knowledgeable and experienced staff strive to turn each new client into our growing collection of success stories worldwide.

Success Stories

With decades of experience in the finance, debt, and credit fields our knowledgeable and experienced staff strive to turn each new client into our growing collection of success stories worldwide.
Credit Score Jumped
“Congratulations! Your credit score went up considerably (see attached). I will contact you both to discuss, great job!”
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Michael C.
Banker/Referring Partner Bay Area, CA

Quick & Efficient

"Bill and his team helped me clear up issues on my credit report in a quick and efficient manner. Very happy with his services. I highly recommend him."
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Frank H.
Mexico City, Mexico
Made it Over 640 "They made it over the 640, Thank you!!! I am singing your praises."
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N. McKlean
Mortgage Officer

Affordable Credit Repair

“Bill is amazing, professional, knowledge able, and understanding. Most of all, affordable. I had been struggling to raise my score with other companies and had given up on trying. But I am so thankful that I was referred to this company.

I was hesitant because of previous companies not making any improvements in my score. But, Ipsan West has been responsively caring and I see a light at the end of the tunnel for my financial and credit score problems.

From me and my family, thank you for your service.”
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LaLa D.
Alpine, CA

Finally Free!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy with my results! I feel like I've been weighed down for so long and now everything's been turned around. I've tried a few other credit companies with all of their promises but none have delivered as Bill did. Thank you again for everything!"
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M D.
Las Vegas, NV

Upgraded My Credit

"Bill Ipsan and his team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Their advice has empowered me to make positive changes in my finances. If you need help negotiating your bills, understanding your credit or upgrading your credit, I highly recommend working with Bill and IpsanWest."
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Lynn S.
Palm Springs, CA

Finally Getting My Credit Cleaned Up

"There are areas of life where it's worth every penny to pay someone to do something unpleasant, so you don't have to -- and "credit repair" is one of those areas. Bill and his team are outstanding. His fees are reasonable and easy to understand. His responsiveness is remarkable -- over a four-month period I ALWAYS had my call or email responded to promptly, typically within a few hours (or less). I held up my end of the bargain, which amounted to scanning and emailing my credit reports as soon as I got them, and in exchange I saw my credit score improve by 70 points. And after the education I got from Bill about how credit scoring works, I am clear on how to take my credit to 800 and beyond. If you've been dreading getting your credit report cleaned up, I have good news: Bill is ready to take it on for you."
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Alek G.
Aurora, CO

Hands Down Trust-worthy

"I have used his services personally and in very short order was able to enable us to purchase our home. We then sold it for a profit. So I could then draw a straight line from our credit to our profit and Bill and his team are definitely a major reason for it all going down. I have forwarded his contact many, many times. Not once have I had someone tell me they were unhappy. He is also hands down trust-worthy. I had deposited money in the trust account and without me even being aware, he was so honest that he returned the money since he did not use it. Truthfully, I would not have known if he needed it or not. I took him at his word and it was worth it."
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Ricky P.
San Pedro, CA

Courteous and Professional

“Ipsan West is an excellent credit repair and credit restoration company. Bill and his staff are very courteous and professional. They have been able to help me get my scores from a 580 to over 700.

I had previously referred several people to them over the years, but had not personally used them. I am so glad I did. The pricing was even good. Thank you so much guys!”
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Christina R.
Florissant, MO

Cleaned My Credit

“I've worked with Ipsan West over the past 8 years. They have assisted me on multiple occasions to clean up my credit, negotiate settlements and help up my credit score at critical moments. I highly recommend their services.”
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Jeff L.
Juarez, Mexico

A Huge Help

"As someone that always had excellent credit until circumstances changed, it was very demoralizing for me. Ipsan West was a huge help in assisting me with a business credit issue. Bill and his team reduced a very sizable debt down to 20 cents on the dollar. I cannot thank them enough for the outcome they negotiated on my behalf."
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Todd S.
Austin, TX

Cleaned Up My Credit

"Bill was extremely helpful. He helped me clean up my credit and taught me a few tips along the way that are still helping me maintain a good score today. His prices are reasonable and worth every penny. I have referred friends to him that he is also helping. He is so committed to his clients. Thank you Bill!"
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F J.
West Hills, CA
Got the Loan
“Thanks for the email, yes we get the loan and the scores did go up by almost 100 points... Thanks for all your effort."
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Tim H.
Chicago, Illinois

Credit Back On Track

“I can not Thank Mr. Ipsan and his team enough. They worked so hard in getting my credit back in check.

All the time and effort that his office staff and himself put into my particular situation..I will forever be grateful. Thank you again.”
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Kim L.
Henderson, NV

Credit Rebuilding

“I have worked with Bill Ipsan West group now for going on 7 years. I have to say I couldn't ask for better group of people to help take care of my financial, derogatory credit, debt collectors and credit rebuilding.

Bill is hands down the best I have ever worked with. I have recommended him to family and friends with great response. I will continue to recommend Ipsan West to everyone.”
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Joe B.
Hildale, UT

All you'll need

“There are some people out there who try to focus on helping people on their credit scores… I’ve worked with one guy before..his name is Bill Ipsan”
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David B.
Mortgage Consultant San Francisco, CA

Post Divorce Credit Repair

“Bill and his team helped me to clean up my credit after a divorce and having to short sale two properties.

My ex husband and my credit reports were all mixed together, even after being divorced several years. I am so happy I was refered to Bill, he made it so easy to take care of items that would have taken me years to do on my own.

I now have a clean credit record and increased credit score. Thank you!”
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Debbie M.
Vista, CA

Student Loan Relief

“Bill Ipsan and His team have done nothing but good by me.

I was referred to Him through a friend. They are responsive, competent and reasonable.

I have been dealing with past due student loans that have skyrocketing interest balances and Ipsan West has and is managing the negotiations and has kept me in good credit standing as we work on this. He has always given the best and all options over the the past 3 years as I rebuild my credit. It is now in great shape.

I am confident recommending Ipsan West to my friends and family. You can too.”
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Jmaxwell H.
Los Angeles, CA

Credit Services Are On Point

"What a great service they provide, their insight and understanding of credit and credit scoring is on point..I highly recommend them."
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William R.
Jurupa Valley, CA

Credit Repair For Home Purchase

"I can not express my gratitude and appreciation from Ispan West and his team. I struggled year after year attempting to clean up my credit so I might one day purchase a home a start a family. Having this dreaded cloud of debt and collections put a strong stop to that dream.

I've had Lexington Law for years and the most I gotten were a few removals, but in just a matter of months I've received double that plus deletions!!!

I couldn't be more ecstatic and hopeful to attaining our first home and finally settling down. Thank you so much Ispan West to you and your team. Great job, aloha"
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F.C. J.
Mililani, HI
You Rock
“thanks for all you have done for Rick and I. We could not have bought another house if it weren’t for your consistent help on our credit. Thank you for helping the people I have sent over from work, Bill you rock…"
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L. Garcia
Southern California

Cleaned Up My Messy Credit History

"After four years of not knowing where to go or who to turn to, I confided with a friend who had experienced similar difficulties with credit. He recommended Ipsan West. If it hadn't been for the referral from this trusted friend, I might have been leery about using someone 500 miles away. Our conversations were all via phone and email. Being unfamiliar with the process, I didn't realize how much was actually being done on my behalf. Bill Ipsan and his amazing team worked diligently behind the scenes to clean up my messy credit history. I stopped receiving daily phone calls from creditors and threatening letters in the mail. Bottom line, in less than four months, my credit score went from the mid-400s to 700! I'll continue to work with Bill, as I still have unfinished business. But, he's also someone that I, myself, wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who'd like to clean up their credit. I couldn't thank the Ipsan Team enough, as I now see daylight after a pretty dark couple of years."
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C H.
Carmichael, CA

We Needed To Get A Refinance. They Made It Happen.

"I have used Bill Ipsan for my friends & clients since I first got into real estate about 14 years ago. The only results I have seen from his work have been stellar. From big score jumps to the moderate ones we needed to get a refi and/or purchase done, he has made happen. He is always upfront with my clients, and is realistic in what to expect as far as job and price. In the subjective business that he's in, Bill provides surety and hard work every time. After being in real estate for 14 years, he is still my only go-to professional for credit repair."
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Jeff W.
San Diego, CA
Thankful "Thank you very much, if I have some problems with credit score in the future, I would let you help me again. My Loan Agent would like to introduce you to others."
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International Client

A Credit Fresh Start

“Over the past year, Bill Ipsan and team have delivered the miracle of a fresh start, time and time again, for both me and my wife. As we own and operate many businesses, the need for excellent credit is a do or die proposition when applying for business and personal credit.

When applying for our dream home, which seemed out of our reach, Ipsan West and team cleaned up our credit quickly and efficiently to enable us to buy that house.

Their results were remarkable to say the least. With each time requested, Ipsan West was able to resurrect and correct erroneously reported accounts documenting and removing all derogatory information thus, giving us the jump to our next business opportunity.

Thank you and your team for an outstanding job! We couldn't have accomplished any of this without Ipsan West. Mark & Rosalyn N.”
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Mark N.
Temecula, CA

I Finally Have Excellent Credit!

“Ipsan has quickly resolved my client issues and has brought a 580 score to 776!!! Effectively deleting items that no one has ever been able to do. Bill delivers what he says and more. I highly recommend their services for anyone that wants a personal service that is tailored to you alone. Thank you Bill -”
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Robert M.
New Port Richey, FL
We Kept Our Home “...a great relief. We kept our home and hope to do a loan modification on it. Again, I just wanted to say thank you..”
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Terry G.
Salt Lake City, Utah

A Life Saver!

"I really can't thank Bill enough. He is the reason why I was able to purchase my first home!!! He helped us every step of the way on optimizing our credit situation and gave us a great education on certain tips and tricks. I strongly encourage everyone to connect with Bill and his team to help you out on your credit score!!! He is fair and offers great payment plans too! Thank you again for the help sir. You are a life saver!!!"
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David P.
La Mesa, CA

Make a Huge Difference in Your Credit & Finances

"Bill Ipsan is a true professional. I have referred my clients to him for the past 15 years and will continue to do so in the years to come. He is worth the time and investment and will make a huge difference in your credit and finances."
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Heather M.
San Diego, CA
Received FULL Loan Approval
"I just wanted to say "Thank you". I received a VA FULL Loan Approval for the Gill's last night at about 6:30pm. Last week I put together a complete credit package and forwarded it to the Underwriting Department and it was "APPROVED". My clients are besides themselves with joy! They are "as we speak" out looking for a home to put an offer on. Thank you so much for your service, your support team and help in giving my clients the ability to obtain the "American Dream". This is the reason I am in the industry still, to feel and watch the joy on a borrowers face and heart when they realize, all their hard work, has made their DREAM come true. I experienced it to the full, this morning when I met with my clients. I look forward to a continued relationship helping one person at a time.
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C. Weber
Mortgage Officer High Desert, CA

Paid Down Old Debts

"The absolute best. Helped me get my credit in order by getting me on a consistent payment plan to pay down old debts and got a bunch of negative things removed. Have seen a significant and consistent increase in my score. Bill and his team are amazing! I can't recommend them enough!"
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Steve V.
Los Angeles, CA

The Best Credit Repair

“Bill Ipsan is the best credit repair business I've ever found. In the past I tried others and only found disappointing results. Bill is the best! I can't say enough or thank Bill enough for helping me straighten out my credit.. THANK YOU BILL”
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Rich L.
Henderson, NV
Proven Results
“Here is what I would do…listen to the professional, Bill Ipsan. He has been repairing folk’s credit for many years and knows the proper procedures. What I have learned is the when no professionals get involved in credit repair—the results gets worse. So if Bill can find a way to help, I would take his advice because over the past 8 years his council has proven itself.”
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C. Schneider
Private Mortgage Banker
Now Able to Re-Finance “You did such a fabulous job, thanks for your efforts I was able to re-finance at a great rate...”
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J. Siegel
Beverly Hills, Califonia

An Expert in Credit Repair

"Bill is an expert in credit repair. He has helped my uncle and I. My score has increased over 150 points in a couple months! I highly recommend his services."
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Greg G.
National City, CA
Miracle Workers! “gosh, thanks soooooo much, you guys are miracle workers!”
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D. Baker
Redondo Beach, California

Wonderful To Work With

"Bill and his team are wonderful to work with for credit repair. Because of Bill's help I was able to get 20k, 30k and 75k credit lines and a reduction on my mortgage. Thank you Bill and team!"
avatar 7
Christina R.
Town and Country, MO
Very Surprised
“I just got my credit reports and the three scores are very high. Being in the banking business, this almost doesn’t seem possible based on the credit horrors I’ve heard and seen, is it possible? Of course as you now, we have paid everything else as agreed, no lates. However I never expected this. I would love to say these are good scores, you agree?"
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Steven A.
Cape Cod, Massachusetts


“I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas who has sent countless referrals to Ipsan West. I appreciate the professionalism that is extended to my clients and I know that they will benefit immensely from my introduction.”
avatar 5
Mark D.
Henderson, NV
Able to Purchase a Home “without your help, we would have never been able to purchase a home…Thank you”
avatar 8
F. Montano
Southern California
Quite Impressed
"Thanks, your work has my immediate colleagues quite impressed so business is coming your way I am sure. My wife "K" went from 555 to 695 and they can see the reports month to month which further removes doubt."
avatar 1
Chris R.
Mortgage Consultant Point Loma, CA

Credit Repaired for Auto Loan

"My husband has a man crush on Bill Ipsan, lol.. his credit score was in the very low 500s when we started with Bill Ipsan just 6 months ago, this past May 2018.

We desperately needed a car, and we were thinking something used with a high interest because of past history, when we walked into the dealership we were nervous of course, after they ran his credit they had him approved in 8 MINUTES!!!!

NO JOKE, they even offered to go pick up the McDonald's for us when I stated i was hungry and would be right back.

LOL...THIS IS A VERY REAL TESTIMONY PEOPLE, in just 6 months his credit score had rose to 665 ad still climbing... his credit score WENT UP 165 POINTS IN 6 MONTHS.

Thank you Bill Ipsan, we have NEVER seen anything like it.

Signed, truly appreciative in STL, MO"
avatar 6
Jackie B.
St. Louis, MO

Gave Me A Free Credit Consultation

"I had reached out to get some help, and what I needed was simple enough for them to give me instruction on how to accomplish what I needed without charging me a consultation. Prime example of offering value with their service and truly having a servants heart."
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David D.
Lakeside, CA

You're In Good Hands With Ipsan West

“I initially connected with Bill around mid 2004. I have a mortgage background and have personally used Ipsan West for my own personal credit profile and shared him with friends and clients. From the very beginning to present day, Bill has been a consummate professional. His knowledge of the credit industry far exceeds what others claim to know. He doesn't make promises which no one should but he gives you his ultimate commitment that he will use every legal avenue to resolve your credit issues.

You need to understand that these credit reporting bureaus have no interest in keeping your credit profile accurate despite being held to parameters mandated by the CFPB. They just report information, they don't verify it when it is initially reported.

They only are held to standard of re-verifying that information when compelled to do it. As far as I'm concerned Bill is an Avenger (Financial Avenger) he will fight to insure that reporting is fair and accurate.

His experience has helped so many people. We also need to make sure we compensate him fairly for the work he has done and continues to do. So please don't negotiate your fees. Give him and his team time to do their job. Don't worry your in good hands with Bill.

Thank you Bill. You need to add him to your network of Avengers, those that have your best interest in mind and are loyal.”
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Jose C.
Chino, CA