Bad Credit Personal Services for Professionals

I’m a Mortgage Broker

Let us help you close more mortgage loans by improving your clients’ credit scores. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I’m an Equipment Lessor

Our equipment leasing credit repair program enables your customers with bad credit to get the leasing they need.

I’m a Tax Professional

We improve your clients’ financial well-being with increased credit scores while adding value to your practice. 

Do You Have Clients with Bad Credit Preventing You From Closing Loans?

Do You Have Business Clients Who Want to Lease Your Equipment, But Unable to Due to Bad Credit?

Are You Interested in Adding Value to Your Tax Practice Providing Your Clients with Increased Credit Scores?

Would you like your heart to stop dropping every time a client walks into your office with bad credit? Imagine never having to worry about not closing loans or leasing equipment to clients again because their credit needs repair. We work closely with you to improve your clients’ credit scores so you can get on with providing your best service.

 Our Bad Credit Personal Services Helps You

  Close more loans

  Lease more equipment

  Provide added value to clients

  Become a professional hero


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Here is what I would do…listen to the professional, Bill Ipsan. He has been repairing folk’s credit for many years and knows the proper procedures. What I have learned is the when no professionals get involved in credit repair—the results gets worse. So if Bill can find a way to help, I would take his advice because over the past 8 years his council has proven itself.

C. Schneider / Private Mortgage Banker

Bill Ipsan is a true professional. I have referred my clients to him for the past 15 years and will continue to do so in the years to come. He is worth the time and investment and will make a huge difference in your credit and finances.

Heather M. / Mortgage Broker

I just wanted to say “Thank you”. I received a VA FULL Loan Approval for the Gill’s last night at about 6:30pm. Last week I put together a complete credit package and forwarded it to the Underwriting Department and it was “APPROVED”. My clients are besides themselves with joy! They are “as we speak” out looking for a home to put an offer on. Thank you so much for your service, your support team and help in giving my clients the ability to obtain the “American Dream”. This is the reason I am in the industry still, to feel and watch the joy on a borrowers face and heart when they realize, all their hard work, has made their DREAM come true. I experienced it to the full, this morning when I met with my clients. I look forward to a continued relationship helping one person at a time.

C. Weber / Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage Broker Bad Credit Personal Services

Lenders are tightening up their standards or putting overlays on mortgages they’re willing to fund.

—Consumer Federation of America

Male mortgage broker shaking hands with client with bad credit after mortgage loan close.


  • Beat your competition
  • Increase closure rates
  • Make more income
  • Create happy clients
Smiley couple taking a selfie while unpacking in their new home.


  • Helping with credit repair = value
  • Increased communication = value
  • Showing you care = value
  • Results = value
People lined up for appointment with mortgage broker from referrals.


  • Happy clients give referrals
  • Make more money
  • Receive high level of testimonials
  • Surpass competition star reviews

Your responsibility as a mortgage broker is to close loans. And when that doesn’t happen because your clients have low credit scores, everyone loses.

What if I said YOU CAN close loans with clients in need of credit repair? At Ipsan West, our bad credit personal service benefits your clients by repairing their credit so they can be approved to purchase a home or refinance. And you prosper by closing more loans!

We Improve Your Mortgage Clients’ Credit Issues

Our simple and proven credit repair process enables you to flourish in your mortgage or real estate industry. Now you have good news for your clients with low credit scores instead of expressing your regrets because they don’t qualify for a loan.

Don’t let your clients’ low credit score hold them down. Now you can provide them with an avenue to help them obtain the American dream of owning their own homes.

Many of your clients aren’t even aware they have an opportunity to make things better. Teaching them there is still hope that their dream will come true magically transforms you into their hero.

Why Mortgage Brokers Partner with Ipsan West Credit Repair

✅   This Mortgage is Approved!

Over the last 40+ years, Ipsan West has developed a proven and straightforward program that incorporates the Four Pillars of Credit Repair to place your clients in a “mortgage ready” position. Unlike other credit repair businesses, we work with you hand-in-hand with consistent communication as we strive toward the same goal: to get your clients approved!

✅   Make More Money with More Closed Loans

When you work with Ipsan West, your clients achieve an increased credit score so they can purchase the right home that matches their means instead of being traumatized by credit reports full of errors, miscalculations, and other negative issues.

✅   Trusting Clients 

Ipsan West helps you build a devoted relationship with your clients as they travel through our Four Credit Repair Pillars. We take care of them every step of the way and report to you regarding their progress from start to finish for a smooth, timely transition from credit repair to closing.

✅   There’s a Better Way

When you run someone’s credit report and realize they will not get approval for a mortgage, what do you typically do?

We realize how difficult it is to turn someone down and see their faces. You think your hands are tied, and there’s nothing you can do.

Now you have a better way to handle your clients with low credit scores. As our reviews reveal, we are an expert credit repair company with years of helping people, just like your clients improve their credit scores.

Contact us for questions, and let’s start your clients on the Four Pillars of Credit Repair path, so you can close more loans, and your clients receive the home they deserve!

I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas who has sent countless referrals to Ipsan West. I appreciate the professionalism that is extended to my clients and I know that they will benefit immensely from my introduction.

Mark D. / Henderson, NV

I have used Bill Ipsan for my friends & clients since I first got into real estate about 14 years ago.  The only results I have seen from his work have been stellar.  From big score jumps to the moderate ones we needed to get a refi and/or purchase done, he has made happen. He is always upfront with my clients, and is realistic in what to expect as far as job and price.  In the subjective business that he’s in, Bill provides surety and hard work every time.  After being in real estate for 14 years, he is still my only go-to professional for credit repair.

Jeff W. / San Diego, CA

Ipsan has quickly resolved my client issues and has brought a 580 score to 776 !!!  Effectively deleting items that no one has ever been able to do. Bill delivers what he says and more. I highly recommend their services for anyone that wants a personal service that is tailored to you alone.  Thank you Bill!

Robert M. / New Port Richey, FL

Equipment Lessor Bad Credit Services

Nearly 8 in 10 end-users acquire equipment through financing.

—Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation

Equipment lessor using calculator to calculate profit from using credit repair with his customers.


  • Stop losing lessees
  • Teach customers credit repair
  • Make more money
  • Create happy customers
Two equipment lessors working at office where one is happy because of his customer's credit repair.


  • Outshine local lenders
  • Provide alternative approach
  • Unique added value service
  • Be different from the others
Construction foreman feeling positive from the ability to lease equipment after having bad credit.


  • Become a small business advocate
  • Provide more options
  • Lower interest rates
  • Lessen term length

Many companies need equipment to establish their business or require an upgrade to keep up with their industry. Bad credit is one of the primary reasons businesses are held back from starting or expanding.

Stop Rejecting Equipment Leasing Business

As an equipment lessor, don’t reject a business owner because of credit issues. Our credit repair program will get them where they need to be so they can lease or finance your equipment.

Our equipment leasing credit repair program is 100% concentrated on helping your customers fix their credit so you can close more deals. When your customers complete our 4 Pillars of Credit Repair program, their credit scores will improve so you can provide them with the equipment they need.

What We Do for Equipment Leasing

We understand the challenges facing business owners and credit ratings. Let our team take the burden off your shoulders to focus on running and growing your equipment leasing business.

We analyze your customers’ credit reports to start the process. The reports we use are consumer reports provided by the client, so we are in compliance within your industry. We will also advise you of their progress, so you can anticipate their needs when the time is ready.

Our expert team takes a unique approach to credit repair. We want to rebuild your customers’ credit by helping with the removal of inquiries and derogatory information, with the end goal of getting them approved for equipment leasing or finance. Let’s get started!

Ipsan West is really great. Just what I was looking for to help my clients who don’t have the greatest credit score. Their process has really helped me close more business!

Rick E. / Dallas, TX

Helping your clients with credit repair is one of the best things you can do for them. And using Ipsan West is even better because, trust me, they get the job done!

Jack S. / Little Rock, AR

Wow what great service, I love it! I have recommended you to other people in my office. Your credit repair services is exactly what my business needed. 

Donna P. / Encinitas, CA

Tax Professional Bad Credit Client Services

54% of Americans don’t check their credit scores.

—Javelin Strategy & Research

Tax professional wearing blue suit holding client's credit report.


  • Don’t leave clients hanging
  • Give valuable advice
  • Steer them in the right direction
  • Receive more referrals
Tax accountant smiling before educational client class at library.


  • Teach credit repair habits
  • Encourage debt reduction
  • Streamline credit reports
  • Stucture a budget system
Happy older couple with their tax preparer who helped them with credit repair.


  • One-stop financial office
  • Secure more business
  • Create trust
  • Become indispensable

Many of your tax or financial clients likely have problems with faulty items appearing on their credit reports. Bad credit scores negatively affect your clients’ lives from the inability to get a car loan, mortgage, insurance, and even employment.

One of the most significant positive aspects of financial and tax professionals is having your clients’ trust. Education is one of the most effective means to add to that trust. Explaining the need for credit repair and how to get it done is a big part of that education.

When you help your clients understand credit scores and how they can improve their financial life, more referrals will come your way. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Everyone Needs Credit Repair or At Least a Credit Review

It is unlikely you have a client that wouldn’t like their credit score to increase. It doesn’t matter if they have a low score, medium score, or high score, your clients deserve to understand how credit works and where they can get the help they may need.

Here’s what we know about your clients’ credit reports:

When you guide your clients down the right path to financial freedom, you become more than a tax or financial professional. Help your clients achieve their very best for their financial future while you secure your own.

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