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The fourth and final step toward credit score repair is the CONQUER PILLAR. During this step, we continue to improve your credit score by providing you with inside strategies that will last a lifetime.

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We Take Credit Repair One Step
Further with our Credit Consultation Service

Our last step involving our credit repair services is getting your credit re-established. We do this through the tools and resources we have built through years of experience. When your credit is re-established, doors will open that allow you access to increased credit lines and other financial opportunities.

During the Credit Consultation Service, your confidence will soar as your financial future is secured. You can now enjoy the freedom of being able to apply for credit without the higher probability of being approved based on your other circumstances. You have reached the top of the final credit repair pillar and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

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Welcome to the Conquer Pillar:
Our Credit Consultation Service 

Unlike many other credit repair companies, we continue your credit restoration by helping you conquer your credit through our consultation service. This final pillar enables you to re-establish credit accounts to maximize your credit score. 

We provide personalized advice based on your unique situation of what may be best for you to boost your credit score. One example is by using a secured credit card if required.

What is a Secured Credit Card?

With a secured credit card, you will be asked to provide a deposit of a predetermined amount of money. This amount serves as collateral to your use of the card. If you keep your account in good standing and make payments regularly, the credit card issuer will return the deposit to you after a set period (usually a year, or after you close your account).

An important note is that your secured credit card’s credit limit is usually equal to your security deposit. So, if you deposit anywhere between $25 to $150 a month, your credit limit will be from $300 to $1800. With our secured credit card, you will be guaranteed to be approved and it will be reported to all three bureaus as an installment account. In some cases, your credit limit can be higher than your deposit, which depends on the credit card issuer and your credit rating.

A secured credit card is a beautiful way to rebuild your credit when you can’t get approved for a traditional credit card. Having a credit card and using it regularly is one of the most critical factors in how your credit score is determined, along with your payment history. In total, these two factors make up 65% of your score.

The credit card issuers for secured credit cards typically report directly to credit bureaus. They will send your account history to the bureaus so that it can be included in your credit report, ensuring that they have the correct information, and helping you rebuild your credit.

You can also earn rewards on some secured credit cards. By paying your balance regularly before any interest is payable, you can use these rewards to offset the cost of the security deposit.

Using your secured credit card regularly and paying off the balance on time makes it easy to start rebuilding your credit. Within one year of regular, on-time payments, you should be able to return to a “regular” credit card. When this happens, your credit score will have been improved, and your security deposit returned. 

A secured credit card is just one technique to re-establish your credit. We have many other credit repair tools in our arsenal that we have developed over the years.

Finishing Up

We finish up this last, Conquer Pillar, by consulting with you on ways to improve and maintain your newly revised credit scores. This service helps ensure that you can continue to enjoy your newfound financial freedom for years to come.

Congratulations! When you complete our Credit Repair Pillars, you will have a new and improved credit score that provides you with newfound opportunities and a greater sense of freedom and control over your finances.

Final Thoughts

If you’re suffering from credit issues, isn’t it about time you use a credit repair service like Ipsan West

A good credit score is a requirement for many lenders when they are considering approving you for a loan or credit card. The higher your credit score is, the lower the risk that you are to default on your monthly repayments on any of your loans or credit cards.

Our credit repair services help clients repair mistakes and errors on their credit reports and quickly raise their credit scores. Depending on your circumstances, it can be a short or lengthy process.

We help you identify any errors on your credit report. The credit report is a vital document that shows a consumer’s financial activity over a given period, such as how much debt they have accumulated, how long they’ve owned a particular type of property, and how long they’ve lived at a specific address. This kind of information is used by credit agencies to determine whether or not a consumer is a high risk to take out a loan with them. And more and more of this information is adding a digital footprint for your credit file that will allow them to expedite the approval process if your digital footprint is in alignment.

If there are mistakes found in your credit report, they will need to be corrected. As an experienced credit repair specialist, we can improve your credit score by fixing any errors. 

All Credit Repair Companies are Not Alike

It’s crucial to understand that not all credit repair companies offer the same level of services that we do. We listen to you and your situation. By hiring us as your reputable credit repair specialist, you can rest assure you will be in good hands. Our reviews certainly attest to our reputation and abilities.

It tends to be hard to explore the unpredictable universe of the credit business yourself, particularly with regard to contesting harmful data on your credit report. Let us help. Call us at (619) 794-0278. We are here for you as your credit consultation company!



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Re-establish Credit

Enjoy the benefits of rebuilding your credit that will help you restore your credit and improve your confidence and overall financial standing.

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Secured Credit Cards

We assist you in applying for a secured credit card if necessary, allowing the bureaus to notice rewarding you with better credit.

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Maximize Credit Score

Let us help maximize your credit score with our credit consultation services. We share unique and effective ways to get your credit increased for total freedom.

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Credit Utilization Control

We help you manage the amount of revolving debt you have relative to your credit limits, which is a critical factor for credit scores.

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Personalized Advice

We provide your personalized advice based on your unique situation during the credit consultation process. No size fits all. It’s all about your needs.

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Pay Lower Interest Rates

After reaching the top of the Conquer Pillar, you will enjoy lower interest rates and better financial status for securing what you need.

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