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I Have Late Payments

Your payment history represents 35% of your credit score! Let us repair those accounts for you.

I’m in Collections

Are bill collectors harassing you? We can vertify them to see if they are outside the statue of limitations.  

I Have a Bankruptcy

Help with Q&A and how to build your credit after a bankruptcy so you can get on with your life and start living again.

Do You Have Late Payments on Your Credit Report?

Are Bill Collectors Harassing You to Death, Especially From Medical Bills?

Do you Have a Bankruptcy And Think You Can No Longer Build Credit?

How would you like to have a higher credit score to achieve the things you want in life? How about getting those nasty bill collectors to stop bothering you day and night? And believe it or not, there IS life after bankruptcy!

 Our Personal Credit Repair Services Helps You

  Dispute inaccuracies

  Negotiate for removals

  Stop annoying collection calls

  Rebuild credit


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File Success Rate

I already came to the realization that I was always going to be in debt and my credit would never improve. I did lots of research that also dealt with debt consolidation and credit repair, and when I finally reached out to Bill I saw light at the end of the tunnel. My credit score has improved significantly and my debts are gone. I want to say thank you very much. I see a brighter future thanks to Bill. I still work with him and will continue working with him.

Jenghis G./ San Diego, CA

You guys rock! After life has dealt me a hard road to recovery due to circumstances outside my control I finally found Ipsan. Bill, I am so grateful for all the advise, help and support you have given me to end my struggles and help me to get my credit from way below Zero up to new heights! Much gratitude to your and the entire staff at Ipsan West San Diego, thank you! xox

Lilli M.. / Los Angeles, CA

Bill was very responsive and helpful in getting credit scores increased to 750. He is very knowledgeable and made himself available to answer any questions at anytime, will definitely use Bill again for any credit needs!

Christopher T. / Houston, TX

Late Payments Personal Credit Repair Services

Roughly 1 out of 20 people with a credit file (5.3 percent) are
at least 30 days late on a credit card or other non-mortgage account.

—Urban Institute

Man in blue shirt checks his credit report on the table.


  • Identify inaccurate information
  • Request removal of inaccuracies
  • Dispute negative items
  • Follow up
Man gesturing with hands during negotiation session.


  • Vertifying reporting
  • Is it accurate?
  • Reverse score drops
  • Electronic, phone or mail?
Indoor candid shot of young african-american couple doing paperwork together.


  • Pay early
  • Add new installment loans 
  • Don’t max credit limits
  • Lower interest rates

If 30 or 60-days late payments are rare, they shouldn’t damage your credit score unless they are recent (in the last two years) or occur repeatedly. If, however, you are commonly late with payments, you will establish long-term harm to your credit scores.

Even 30-Days Late is a Killer

It’s a different story should you have a 90-day late payment. When that happens, the credit scoring models consider you very likely to repeat it. One 90-day late payment can injure your credit for seven years if something is not done to fix it. Hard to believe, but a one-time 90-day past due payment is as harmful to your credit score as a bankruptcy. When you are 90 days late, creditors consider you a more significant risk where they label you as a “repeat offender.”

Past Due Payment Consequences

❌   30-days past due: A 30 day late payments ruin your credit score most when it is new, especially if you are 30 days late often. 

    60-days past due: Similarly, new 60-day late payments do the most harm. However, being consistently 60-days past due will undoubtedly hurt your scores. 

❌    90-days past due: Having a 90-days past due record on your credit report will significantly hurt your credit scores for up to seven years. It doesn’t make a difference if your account is 90 days late. Remember, the record model’s goal is to anticipate whether you will be 90 days late again for any credit obligation. If you have previously been late for 90 days, the bureaus consider it more likely that you will be late again.

❌  120+-days past due: Late payment reporting beyond the original 90-day missed payment does cause additional credit score damage. However, your score has an additional incidental impact because the debt is usually “charged off” or sold to a third-party collection agency. This activity is reported on your credit reports, which lowers your credit score even further.

Collections, Charge-Offs, & Repossessions

When you consistently fail to make payments beyond 90 or 120 days, the following consequences only make things worse:

2 Types of Personal Collections

1). Collections that are sold to third-party collection agencies.

2). Collections turned over to an internal collection department.

Regardless of which one appears on your credit reports, your scores will suffer.


If you are unable to pay on a credit account for 120 days or more, many times a creditor will “charged off” your debt as a loss. Of course, a charge-off is hugely damaging to your credit score, where it can linger for seven years! This can happen even if you pay off the debt at a later date. And just because the creditor has “charged-off” your debt not expecting you to pay it, the third-party collection agencies do. And they will continue to report to your credit report up to 7 years, or until they transfer or sell the debt to another collection company. 

Repossessions and Foreclosures

When a home forecloses or a car is repossessed, they are considered severe delinquencies and will lower your credit scores considerably for seven years. Even if the bank takes possession of your home or car, the failures to pay will still show negative because you signed a contract to purchase the home or auto and pay for it in full over a period of time. The agreement’s breach shows as a default of the transaction, which is then reported on your credit report.

The bottom line is to avoid making late payments, but we know sometimes it’s unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. But we also know that one 30 or 60-days late payment isn’t the end of the world, especially since we can help you quickly. Our goal is to keep you away from collections. Do not worry if you’re already there because we have proven strategies to help in that department.

Bill was extremely helpful. He helped me clean up my credit and taught me a few tips along the way that are still helping me maintain a good score today. His prices are reasonable and worth every penny. I have referred friends to him that he is also helping. He is so committed to his clients. Thank you Bill!

F. J. / West Hills, CA

Ipsan West is an excellent credit repair and credit restoration company. Bill and his staff are very courteous and professional. They have been able to help me get my scores from a 580 to over 700.

I had previously referred several people to them over the years, but had not personally used them. I am so glad I did. The pricing was even good. Thank you so much guys!

Christina R. / Florissant, MO

The absolute best. Helped me get my credit in order by getting me on a consistent payment plan to pay down old debts and got a bunch of negative things removed. Have seen a significant and consistent increase in my score. Bill and his team are amazing! I can’t recommend them enough!

Steve V. / Los Angeles, CA

Collections Personal Credit Repair Services

Medical debt collections affect the credit reports
of nearly one-fifth of all consumers in the credit reporting system.

—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Pensive Indian man listening to bill collector on mobile phone.


  • Get back your peace of mind
  • We know creditors tricks
  • We can stop the abuse
  • Cease and desist for good
Woman in black & white striped shirt reading collections dispute letter.


  • Verification required
  • Validation follow-up
  • Removal of invalid collections
  • Statue of limitations
Man in blue shirt with smile from successful collections negotiation methods with family on couch behind him.


  • Who controls the debt?
  • Goodwill letters
  • Quid pro quo exchange
  • Medical bills inquiries

Collection agencies seek payments from people or organizations who owe debts or unpaid fees. They are hired by creditors to collect outstanding debt and money owed to them. They will then use just about any means they can to get the money owed that includes using letters, emails, and telephone calls to communicate with you—the debtor. Some of their communication methods may be illegal, and you may have recourse.

Negotiation is Possible

Collection agencies will negotiate with creditors on behalf of the debtor and try to get the best possible settlements. If the debtor cannot settle the debt, they may be able to resolve some of it. The scary part is that they can take extreme measures if necessary, including; repossession and wage garnishment.

120-day Past Due, then Collections

Should you have a 120-day past due record on your credit report, you have probably already experienced the fun world of credit collections. It’s important not to delay and get your credit back in order before the scary stuff starts to happen.

The good news is that we have strategies to get you out of collections and back into an improved credit score so you can get the things done within your financial life.

We Must Dispute

Disputing is the primary goal when you are in collections, which we complete during the Challenge Pillar. Using us to remove collection accounts from your credit report will get it done more quickly and efficiently. You will be surprised at the number of negative items that will be removed from your credit report. We’ve removed negative items for our clients’ thousands of times, and we can do it for you too. It is a lengthly and time-consuming process if you chose to take it on your own, which is similar to having a part-time job in terms in time and energy.

Believe it or not, a collection account will often remain on your report, even if the creditor is willing to settle with you. The only way to know about this is to get copies of your credit reports that we continue to check repeatedly until everything is cleared.

You Are Not a Victim

When you find yourself in a bill collections situation, it is sad and frustrating to have no other choice than to be subjected to their demands and harassment. Being a victim of the collection agencies does not have to be the case. Most folks that fall into this category have been compromised by life circumstances, such as divorce, illness, accidents, family death, business failure, or catastrophic illness.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy with my results! I feel like I’ve been weighed down for so long and now everything’s been turned around. I’ve tried a few other credit companies with all of their promises but none have delivered as Bill did. Thank you again for everything!

M.D. / Las Vegas, NV

There are areas of life where it’s worth every penny to pay someone to do something unpleasant, so you don’t have to — and “credit repair” is one of those areas. Bill and his team are outstanding. His fees are reasonable and easy to understand. His responsiveness is remarkable — over a four-month period I ALWAYS had my call or email responded to promptly, typically within a few hours (or less). I held up my end of the bargain, which amounted to scanning and emailing my credit reports as soon as I got them, and in exchange I saw my credit score improve by 70 points. And after the education I got from Bill about how credit scoring works, I am clear on how to take my credit to 800 and beyond. If you’ve been dreading getting your credit report cleaned up, I have good news: Bill is ready to take it on for you.

Alek G. / Denver, CO

Bill and his team helped me to clean up my credit after a divorce and having to short sale two properties.

My ex-husband and my credit reports were all mixed together, even after being divorced several years. I am so happy I was refered to Bill, he made it so easy to take care of items that would have taken me years to do on my own.

I now have a clean credit record and increased credit score. Thank you!

Debbie M. / Vista, CA

Bankruptcy Credit Repair Services

The most common contributing factor to bankruptcy is a loss of income.

—The Ascent

Man experiencing bankruptcy scanning credit bureau report with magnifying glass.


  • Check to see where BK is reporting
  • Check BK listed accounts
  • Correct inaccuracies
  • BK Re-list
Male lawyer reviewing bankruptcy documents in a courtroom.


  • Procedural request letters sent
  • Court communications
  • Use Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Perform online investigation
Happy couple after bankruptcy using new credit card.


  • Apply for new credit
  • Consider a cosigner
  • Keep up payments
  • Report to credit bureaus

If you have already reached the bankruptcy stage, you will have higher rates on loans and credit cards due to a subprime credit score. Although it may take longer to improve your credit score initially, it’s not impossible. The best thing to remember is that it’s never too early to start rebuilding your credit.

We Can Help

There are many ways to repair your financial status after filing for bankruptcy. There are even steps you can take to boost your chances of getting credit or loan approval after bankruptcy and see your credit rating return to good standing.

The first step to restoring your financial standing after filing for bankruptcy is to figure out exactly what caused your financial difficulties to begin with. Once you have determined what caused your financial problems, you will be able to work more effectively towards repairing the damage done by filing bankruptcy, improving your financial situation.

This step is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Many people think it is okay to file for bankruptcy without taking steps to improve their credit scores because they give up hope. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake, ending in a worse financial position than before filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcies can last on your credit report for 7-10 years depending on your state. Filing bankruptcy may impede your professional qualifications since many career choices check your credit.

The next step to repairing your financial standing after filing for bankruptcy is to let us help improve your credit score. There are plenty of these companies that will offer their services to those who want to restore their credit after filing for bankruptcy, but you must be careful. Ensure your chosen company is reputable and has a proven track record of success, like Ipsan West. We are here for you!

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