Credit Score Repair: Credit Report Analysis

The first step toward credit score repair is the CHECK PILLAR. We conduct a thorough credit report analysis that will immediately indicate the route we need to take to get you going in the right direction.

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Step Forward with our Credit Report Analysis for Credit Score Enhancement

A credit report analysis is the first CHECK PILLAR for credit score repair.

We must check your credit report, which is a record of what you have borrowed in the past and how you repaid it.

This information comes from the lenders you have used, such as credit card companies, mortgage companies, auto loan companies, and student loans.

Other Information Included in a Credit Report

Your credit report also includes:

  • Personal identification
  • Addresses
  • Employers
  • Payment history
  • Third-party copy requests
  • Public records, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, and court judgments

What is a Credit Score

Combined, this information, regardless if it is correct or not, creates your credit score. No one checks in with you when items are reported and placed on your report. You are literally at the mercy of the lenders who may or may not have the correct information.

The credit reporting agencies then assign you a number that measures how viable you are to lenders. The higher your number, the more attractive you are to lenders.

What We Do

After investigating your reports for defects, derogatory entries, and areas to improve, we provide you a professional action plan to increase your credit score.

According to a 2013 CBS 60 Minutes broadcast based on a recent government study, 40 million consumers have mistakes on their credit reports costing them money, heartache, and missed opportunities.

Credit reports are challenging to interpret with mysterious codes and arcane symbols, making it virtually impossible for the average consumer to understand. We do all the heavy lifting for you and help you learn what is going on in your report.

What You Do

Your task is to let us know what your ambitions are and what you wish to achieve. Want to purchase a home? With your agreement, we work with your mortgage professionals to get the job completed.

Here’s what a mortgage officer reported in High Desert, CA about having her clients approved for a home:

I just wanted to say a big Thank You! I received a VA FULL Loan Approval for my clients because of your credit score repair. Last week I put together a complete credit package and forwarded it to the Underwriting Department, and it was APPROVED.

My clients are beside themselves with joy! They are “as we speak” out looking for a home to put an offer on. Thank you so much for your service, your support team, and help to give my clients the ability to obtain the American Dream.

This is the reason I am in the industry still, to feel and watch the joy on a borrower’s face and heart when they realize, after all their hard work, that you made their DREAM come true. I experienced it to the full extend this morning when I met with my clients.

I look forward to a continued relationship helping one person at a time.

Maybe you want to buy a car, but your credit score won’t allow it, or you have to pay for a high-interest rate.

Here is a wife’s story in St. Louis, MO about her husband’s low credit score and the need for them to purchase a new car:

My husband’s credit score was in the very low 500s when we started with Ipsan West just 6 months ago.

We desperately needed a car. We were thinking about something used with high interest because of past history.

When we walked into the dealership, we were, of course, nervous. After they ran his credit, they had him approved in 8 MINUTES!

In just 6 months, his credit score rose to 665 and is still climbing. That’s 165 POINTS IN 6 MONTHS.

Next Steps

Once we have your credit reports, run the analysis, and understand your aspirations and goals, we advance to the following credit score repair service of Credit Disputing, the Challenge Pillar for credit score repair.



Obtain Your Reports

The first step of the Check Pillar is to obtain your credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. Once we have them, we will explain what we find and how to proceed.

Investigate and Analyze

And this time, we will deep deeper to find the root of any issues on your credit reports with a thorough investigation process.

Educate and Inform

Once your report is examined, we share the information with you so that together we will work toward a resolution toward your credit restoration.

Understand Your Goals

Understanding your goals so we can concentrate in that area. Such as applying for a mortgage or increasing your credit limits.

Collaborate Contents

Together we will determine what is correct and what is not correctly stated on your reports, such as addresses, work history, phone numbers, etc.

Create a Plan

Now that we’ve created a plan, we are all on the same page working toward your financial goals as we restore your credit.

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